we are Advangelists

a mobile ad-ecosystem with an aim to simplify mobile advertising

about Advangelists

We at Advangelists believe that advertising should be an amalgamation of great features, great usability and should have all the tools you need in one single platform.

With this belief in mind, we poured all the knowledge we had into the Advangelists platform.

  • Support for the latest ad formats
  • Advanced reporting & splice-n-dice capability
  • Automated finance & invoicing
  • an iron clad grip on ad quality

Premium Advertisers
& Agencies swear by us

Not only do we deliver pure performance thanks to our machine learning algorithms that automatically optimize your campaigns, you can tweak, analyse and customize your ad experience.

Unique targeting parameters
applied per impression
Million ads served each month
% Campaign goals achieved
Unique Apps and Mobile
Sites monetised by us

the advangelists advantage

Easy Payments

Guaranteed, on time release of payments.

excellent support

Real people with real experience always ready to lend a helping hand.

User focused

The easiest mobile advertising platform you've ever used, period.


  • Mobile ads
  • DSP
  • Bidder
  • SSP
  • Publisher
  • Video ads
  • Display ads
  • Premium quality ads
  • Realtime analytics
  • Advangelists' analytics dashboard is like a dream come true. It not only helps us to scale our performance campaigns, but it provides intricate details on publishers, users and other factors that govern the campaign that help us with automated and manual optimisations.

    Gonzalo Borras

    Managing DirectorJustMob - a leading Adtech firm in LATAM
  • The Advangelist platform is great! Deep and team provide great support!

    Ron Donaire

    SVP of ProgrammatticDel Playa
  • As AdTech and Martech converges Advangelists brings together all the tools and solutions in a dynamic and intelligent platform to help Brands overcome technology barriers and get to the leading edge! A CMO's best friend-- ANSWERS & PERFORMANCE ON DEMAND!

    Mark Fruehan

    Messaging & Marketing Executive. Advisor, Investor, Board DirectorBotWorx
  • A great team to work with. Always ready to help.


    Co-FounderChalk Digital
  • Advangelists is one of the most client-centric companies I've seen, they always go the extra mile and it's been a pleasure to work with them.

    Carlos Mondragon

    VP of Engineering Aki technologies
  • Super professional and efficient team!

    Yitian Chen

    General Manager Helium Holdings
  • Looking forward to working with a partner in AI and ML to bring better results to all people experiencing Ad Tech...may the cookies crumble as relevancy becomes more powerful with companies such as Advangelist and 451 Degrees look to build a better experience!

    Patrick Giblin

    Founder 450 Degrees
  • Advangelists has thought of almost everything! With such a comprehensive solution and amazing customer support we are eager to work with them more in 2018!.


    Head of OperationsTop Data and Attribution Company