Chief Technology Officer (Advangelists, LLC – Seattle, WA)

Establish technical vision and lead all aspects of technology development for an AdTech software systems design company; manage technology standards; responsible for the overall architecture design and implementation of highly scalable distributed systems to handle billions of data transactions per second; architect a bidding platform to enable scalable advertising. Oversee software development processes; determine and implement development strategies; ensure that technical team produces high-quality engineering timely with multiple competing priorities. Research and evaluate leading edge and innovative technologies for implementation; determine areas of growth from a technology perspective; participate in technical discussions as required to assure successful integrations and customer satisfaction, and oversee sales and budget for the technology department.


Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or a related field + 5 years experience in a Senior IT Engineering Role in the AdTech industry, including demand-side fraud detection and RTB platform development.


To apply, please email resume to